2019-04-13 blog


Well, This is my first Log.


The first time I contacted with Brind was during the National Day in 2018. I met Hestia that day. I didn’t think I was noticed by her because I was wearing a T-shirt with the No.9 Album of the May Day. Well, by the way, at that time I was just beginning to touch Artificial Intelligence.

if met(‘Hestia’) == False:

I might not have been exposed to people who were willing to communicate with me in English for so long.

So, I said to myself, why not? Just give it a try.


When I decided to study English well, I found that it’s totally different. You know, I used to be very resistant to learning English well.

When I walked into Brind, I found that learning English was a vary easy and happy thing to do. There’s Atmosphere is great. Everyone is trying to learn English well. Everyone is trying to become a better self.

To see yourself
To know yourself
And to meet yourself unknownly better

I’m really like it when we studied together. And when we discussed, rehearsed, corrected, sang. I do. Looking back, wow, memories.

To my surprise, our group show actually got 96 points. I believe that it was the full commitment and careful preparation of everyone in our group to win this score.

After finishing the Intermediate class, I didn’t stop but went on to the video class. Well, Desperate housewives, Desperate for us — at the beginning.

At the beginning of this semester, I looked at the schedule and didn’t think there were many classes. I thought it would be easier this semester. But, it turned out that I was wrong. In fact, My life had become so hectic.

Every day I have the first class in the morning. Everyday that is, except Thursday. That means everyday I have to get up early, including the weekend, because it was Leaf’s class. Outside of school class, I also have to use all the spare time to do AI projects. So, I gave up the time to do audio mixing since March 1st. But I think it’s worth it. Maybe, I need a pause period in music.

Starting from "My name is Mary Alice Young", unconsciously I have learned a lot of content. Well, two years ago I’d never have thought I could do it all.


  • My Intermediate class’s teacher is Leaf.
  • My Video class’s teacher is Leaf.
  • I have a classmate who have been in the Information management and Information systems (medical information) class. Her Intermediate class’s teacher is Leaf.
  • The only two of my high school class who came to Wuhan were both in Brind.


This is the lyrics of Rain In Time’s 日落.

若前事不散 放不低感嘆
舊承諾歸還 再永不相關

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